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Super White Quartzite

Product Details:
Background Color: Gray-White
Vein Color: Gray-White
Size: 133x76inch
Thickness: 3cm
Finish: Polish
Country: Brazil

Super White Quartzite is an excellent material due to its marbly elegance, incredible durability, and easy maintenance. Although it is called quartzite, there is controversy over whether Super White quartzite countertops are actually quartzite or marble.

However, Super White Quartzite slabs are definitely harder and more durable than marble. All evidence points to the conclusion that the Super White Quartzite is a Dolomitic Marble. Super White Quartzite is a coarse metamorphic stone that has a light color with some light, medium, and dark-colored veins. Match the Super White Quartzite with white cabinets, and you’ll have a pure-looking, elegant, and modern kitchen that everyone will look at with envy. Your kitchen will be as sophisticated as Taj Royale because the Super White Quartzite resembles marble.

Super White Quartzite kitchen countertops require regular sealing. It increases longevity if you apply a honed rather than a polished finish. Another tip for better longevity is to wipe the spills immediately by using a piece of cloth, warm water, and some soap.

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