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Absolute Black Granite

Product Details:
Background Color: Black
Vein Color: Black
Size: 126x66
Thickness: 3cm
Finish: Dual - Polish/Leather
Country: India

Absolute black granite has one of the most timeless looks ever. The color black can easily be considered the color of luxury, elegance, and swank. If you are going for black granite, then absolute black granite is your choice. This uniform black granite induces a stylish and bold vibe that is chic and timeless. Absolute black granite is an excellent choice for both exterior and interior applications. It can be used for countertops, flooring, external cladding, and other architectural applications. 

The natural beauty of granite must be maintained, and for this, finishes are applied. Regarding absolute black granite, there are two options available; honed or polished. A honed finish will result in a very smooth surface without any gloss or reflection. A honed absolute black granite is typically dark grayish, not jet black. Honed finishes are popular on flooring to prevent people from getting slipped. It can also be used on countertops, but the process makes the granite prone to discoloration. 

A polished finish is the most commonly applied finish on absolute black granite. This way, the granite will have a glossy and even texture. This finish highlights the fundamental characteristics of the granite and will make it the star piece. Apart from the looks, polished granite surfaces are easier to clean since the stone’s pores are sealed. It is strongly advised to renew the polish every few years to maintain the beauty of your absolute black surfaces.

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