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Floors are one of the most important parts of a house. They can make or break the aesthetics, more importantly, they contribute heavily to the functionality of a room. Keep reading to find out all of the pros and cons of SPC flooring.

What is SPC flooring?

SPC flooring is an acronym for Stone Plastic Composite flooring which is made of a type of luxury vinyl. It is known for being extremely durable and having a strong and unbendable core. It is made up of multiple layers which contribute to its overall structural integrity and strength. 

The SPC core layer is made up of a combination of materials. These materials include limestone, PVC, and other stabilizers. Limestone is also the main component of marble, meaning it gives the core of the SPC a lot of structural stability. The combination of these strong materials results in a flooring option that is very stable and rigid. 

The outer layer of SPC is meant to withstand wear and tear. It is resilient against common dangers such as scratching, stains, and the general hustle and bustle of a home. Beneath this protective layer resides vinyl that displays the color, pattern, and design of the floating. This vinyl often is designed to mimic the appearance of hardwood or natural stones. 

SPC flooring is considered to be one of the most reliable and durable materials for its resistance to denting and impact damage. Moreover, as it has such a stable structure, it can be used in many settings which makes it a versatile option for homeowners.

Advantages of SPC flooring

Arguably, the biggest advantage of SPC flooring is its durability. The rigid inner structure creates a hard foundation that can withstand daily wear and tear even in heavy traffic areas. This durability makes it an amazing long-term investment for both homeowners and interior decorators. Moreover, it is less susceptible to impact damage compared to its counterparts. 

Another factor to take into consideration is the water resistance of SPC flooring. As it is resilient against moisture and spills, it is resistant to damage that can occur with water absorption. It doesn’t warp or swell. Water absorption can also cause even more serious problems down the line such as mold. This is an especially important benefit if you are living in a humid climate. 

The wear layer that is located on the surface isn’t only responsible for ensuring the protection of the flooring. It also makes the material very easy to take care of and maintain. As it prevents outer factors from seeping into the bottom layers, there is no risk of staining. Any spill that occurs can easily be wiped away. 

SPC is also an easy-to-install option. The separate parts are made to click into each other, therefore the installation process is extremely user-friendly. So friendly that you can even install SPC flooring on your own. The interlocking system between the separate flooring planks ensures that they are installed securely and seamlessly fit in with one another.

SPC florin provides a comfortable feeling underfoot. Although it is robust and durable, it has an underlayer that functions as cushioning. Therefore, it won’t feel uncomfortably solid and hard while standing on it. This is an especially big advantage in spaces where you are going to spend a lot of time standing up such as the kitchen. Moreover, it adds a layer of comfort to living spaces in which you can sit on the floor like the living room and the bedroom. 

The same cushioning that provides a comfortable underfoot experience also adds a layer of sound insulation. It helps transmit less sound in between different levels of a house. Moreover, it is a greatly beneficial quality for apartment buildings where sound can create a lot of disturbance.

SPC flooring is very cost-effective, which is one of the most important factors to take into consideration during any home improvement project. When SPC flooring is compared to high-end options, such as hardwood floors, it offers a considerably more budget-friendly alternative while not compromising on any of its amazing qualities. It is highly durable to wear and tear, in other words, it will be a long-lasting fixture in your home.

Therefore, you won’t have to renovate it constantly. It will continue to be a budget-friendly option in the long run. Furthermore, as it has a relatively easy installation process that can be accomplished by the homeowners themselves, it can provide even more money-saving solutions. 

SPC flooring caters to a wide variety of audiences with its amazing color and pattern options. As there are so many different styles available, you can pick whichever one fits the best into your home’s design aesthetic.

Ranging from contemporary to traditional, Scandinavian to maximalist, SPC flooring has something for everyone. The advanced techniques that are used in embossing the flooring panels with intricate designs can emulate a very natural appearance, thus offering the aesthetic appeal and timeless beauty of natural materials without the added maintenance challenges.

The combination of durability, beauty, and low maintenance results in a highly versatile option. You can use SPC flooring to elevate the design of your home or use it as a foundation on which you can express your creativity and design wishes. 

Maintenance tips for SPC flooring

Properly maintaining your floors will ensure that they will appear brand new and fresh for a longer period. This requires careful consideration and a consistent approach so that you can maintain and care for them before any problem arises, rather than trying to fix a problem that has already occurred. 

The first and most important step is to have a regular cleaning routine for your floors. Dust, dirt, and debris will accumulate over time and the more they accumulate, the harder it is to clean them thoroughly. You can sweep or vacuum the floor frequently to prevent these particles from accumulating.

Furthermore, debris can become abrasive over time and cause scratches. The best way to prevent these scrapes is to ensure that debris doesn’t accumulate. 

Sweeping or vacuuming is enough for daily cleaning. However, every once in a while, your floors will require a deeper cleaning session. Mopping the floors periodically is essential for properly cleaning the floors. It is important not to use a cleaner that is too harsh or causes abrasions on the outermost layer of the flooring. It is better to opt for mild ones that will successfully break down the dirt while not damaging the protective layer. 

Spills are inevitable, it is impossible to prevent them from ever happening. A better approach is to have a plan for when they happen.

The best way to avoid stains or discoloration is to immediately blow the spilled liquid with a clean, dry cloth. As SPC flooring is water resistant, the liquids won’t seep into it. However, it is always better to clean off spills so that they don’t cause discoloration over time. Furthermore, acidic liquids such as lemonade can cause damage to the protective layer of the floors. 

Felt pads under furniture legs are a must for floor protection. Every time somebody takes a seat at the table, or when you are sliding the couch to vacuum underneath, the legs will cause scratches. Sticking felt pads under the furniture is a very easy task compared to how big of a benefit it provides. 

Avoid dragging items on your floor. This might seem like an obvious tip, however, even items that might seem light and harmless can cause scratching.

Even if they didn’t they can cause the protective layer to lose its strength ever so slightly, which means that the next time you drag something light over it, it will scratch. 

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