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Adamantium Quartzite

Product Details:
Background Color: Black
Vein Color: Gray-White
Size: 127x75inch
Thickness: 3cm
Finish: Polish
Country: Brazil

Adamantium quartzite has a lustrous silver and grey background adorned with almost linear veins. This beautiful, almost metallic-looking natural stone is from the quartzite family. As the name suggests, quartzite has 90-99% quartz grains bound together with silica.

This sandstone is turned into quartzite under high heat and pressure underneath the earth’s surface. Adamantium quartzite is a low-cost and low-maintenance material. It has a low porous structure which means it is resistant to stains and spills when adequately sealed. Sealing is recommended yearly to keep your surfaces as new as the first day. Since quartz is a strong and durable material, you will not face chipping or scratches. This stunning stone has the look, strength, and durability, making it ideal to use as a countertop material.

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