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Calacatta Flower Quartz

Product Details:
Background Color: White-Gray
Vein Color: Gray
Size: 126x63
Thickness: 3cm
Finish: Polish
Country: n/a

Calacatta flower quartz is a unique quartz option for kitchens and bathrooms thanks to its bloomy appearance on a white background which evokes springtime with a warm breeze. It can also be used in many areas, such as fireplaces, bathroom vanities, cladding, flooring, and outdoor kitchens. In addition to the unique appearance of Calacatta flower quartz, it is extremely durable, low maintenance, and stain-resistant. If you wish to learn more about Calacatta flower quartz and other products and services that we provide, please reach out to the page Paragon offers. As Paragon, we will stand ready to help you! We believe excellent service and cooperation will be provided at every stage of your inquiry and order.

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