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Solarius Granite

Product Details:
Background Color: Beige-Yellow
Vein Color: Brown-Yellow-Cream
Size: 122x74inch
Thickness: 3cm
Finish: Polish
Country: Brazil

Solarius is a natural granite model that mainly presents brown and pinkish highlights on gold and beige ground. It is granite made stronger and safer through some manufacturing processes. Solarius granite slabs are used for various purposes, such as coating floors or walls, or they can be shaped to the size of a table, bar, or kitchen countertop. As kitchen countertops, Solarius granite provides many advantages; for example, it never gets swelled through liquid damage. Besides, it does not waste your time with the effort to clean it since hot water and easy cleaners are pretty enough for maintaining hygiene on the surface. In Paragon, you will be surrounded by top-quality Solarius granite.

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