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Titanium Gold Leather Granite

Product Details:
Background Color: Black
Vein Color: Gold
Size: 119x77.5
Thickness: 3cm
Finish: Leather
Country: Brazil

Titanium gold granite is a distinguished option for homeowners and interior decorators. Thanks to its captivating colors and intricate patterns, this natural stone has become a popular choice for kitchen countertops.

One of the standout advantages of Titanium Gold Granite countertops is its gorgeous and versatile colors that allow the stone to fit in and elevate many different interior decoration styles. It has various hues of warm gold tones, earthy browns, elegant and sleek black, and other rich colors throughout the granite slab.

Due to this versatility, it can be paired with a wide range of colors.

For example, it will fit in with dark-toned cabinetry and create a monochrome look while it will also pair well with light tones as it will create a visually interesting contrast. It can be utilized to achieve a traditional style kitchen as it supports rich and refined decorations. On the other hand, its modern appearance will elevate the contemporary kitchen and bathrooms.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, Titanium Gold Granite is preferred for its durable composition. The resilience of Titanium Gold exceeds even other types of granite countertops, ensuring it will meet the demands of daily use without a problem.

It is also heat resistant, thus it is an ideal choice for the kitchen where hot pots are commonly used. Its resistance to heat, stains, scratches, and discoloration makes it one of the most sought-after materials. Moreover, it ensures that it will maintain its pristine and unblemished state for a long time.

You might think that it is hard to maintain natural stones. However, as long as your granite countertops are properly sealed, they will be extremely easy to clean and care for. This is one of the most useful benefits of granite countertops as they directly affect your daily life. You don’t even need any special materials, cleaners, or tools.

You can use mild dish soap and room temperature water to clean your countertops daily. Use a soft clean cloth or sponge to wipe the countertops and don’t forget to rinse and dry after. This daily ritual will guarantee that there won’t be a buildup of dirt and grime on the countertops.

The installation process of Titanium Gold Granite includes selecting the slab that will best fit your design preferences and lifestyle needs.

While making the decision, the cost of the rock and the costs of the labor should be planned according to your budget. As granite is a very heavy stone, countertop installation should be left to professionals with experience in the industry.

Titanium Gold is an amazing choice due to its durability, granite color, and its versatility. At Paragon, we prioritize the quality of our selection so your countertops will last you a lifetime.

Additionally, our amazing customer care team will help you through all steps of the process, making it as smooth as possible for you. If you are interested in our products or services, don’t hesitate to reach out for more information.

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