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Blue Quartz Slabs

Why would you choose anything less than the best for your kitchen countertops? A glamorous island can transform your kitchen into an opulent retreat. The same can be said for your bathroom with a dash of blue quartz. 

Here is all the information you require regarding the best countertop material options, such as blue quartz.

Explore Blue Quartz

The stone, which is a deep blue, has been enhanced with titanium dioxide and other minerals to produce an attractive and sturdy countertop. Adding a blue quartz countertop gives your kitchen a luxurious, blue-tinted touch that mimics the ocean.

Blue quartz application areas:

  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Walls
  • Flooring
  • Commercial areas

Reasons to Opt for Quartz for Kitchen Countertops

You have a variety of stone colors to choose from for your kitchen countertops, just like with many blue quartz countertop options. 

Since blue quartz resists stains, it is ideal for kitchens that frequently acquire stains from food and cooking oil. Because it resists stains and scratches, blue quartz is a desirable option for the home.

It’s also simple to clean, which makes it a good choice for households with lots of sticky foods like cookies and cakes that might leave a residue behind.

Why Have Blue Quartz for Bathroom Vanity Tops?

A blue quartz slab is a stunning option for your kitchen and bathroom. It is a lovely option for both spaces, with a blue-tinted stone that resembles the ocean. 

The blue quartz vanity top’s blue-tinted finish in your bathroom will look stunning with other blue-tinted furnishings and accents like blue cabinets and blue tiles. The blue on the top goes well with other blue hues, such as the blue in your appliances and the blue in your wallpaper.

Advantages of Blue Quartz Slabs

  • Beautiful blue quartz has an oceanic appearance. It won’t easily wear down and is simple to clean because it is stain and scratch-resistant.
  • Blue quartz is durable because the sturdy material blue quartz is scratch- and stain-resistant. Due to its low porosity, it is simple to clean and won’t leave behind any sticky residue.
  • Blue quartz is a good option for busy homeowners because it requires little maintenance and care.
  • Blue quartz can last a very long time and be used frequently.
  • Blue quartz is a stone that is mined from an environmentally friendly source. High-traffic areas can withstand the durability of blue quartz countertops.
  • To create unique designs, numerous decorative stones and colors can be added to blue quartz. Additionally, you have a selection of stone finishes, including matte, polished, and honed.
  • Compared to many other materials, blue quartz slabs are inexpensive.

Disadvantages of Blue Quartz Slabs

  • The stone variety of blue quartz countertops is uncommon. In your neighborhood hardware store, you might have a hard time finding them because of this.

Blue Quartz: Think as an Investment

As you can see, quartz slabs are clearly a top option and a great investment. Blue quartz gives your kitchen or bathroom a touch of the ocean’s beauty, but it takes time to consider your needs and lifestyle before selecting the ideal countertop for your house. 

What are your main concerns? What style and atmosphere do you want in your bathroom or kitchen?

Are you looking for a material that requires little upkeep and is durable? Are you looking for a stone slab that can withstand high-traffic areas and last for a long time? You can choose the ideal stone slab for your home by considering these factors. 

Paragon Exotic Stones is Your Reliable Quartz Supplier

Paragon Exotic Stones provides quartz slabs for your design project in various hues and patterns. There are also options with blue colors, like Deep Blue and Blue Bahia Quartz.

Customers can be sure they will find the ideal option that suits their particular tastes and needs, thanks to the company’s assurance of offering an extensive stone collection that includes granite, quartz, quartzite, and marble.

In this industry, Paragon Exotic Stones has been active for twenty years. You will receive the highest level of customer satisfaction from this experience, which will aid you in selecting the ideal stone for your home.


  • Is blue quartz a natural stone? 

Blue quartz is a manufactured stone made of natural quartz and additional components like resins and pigments. Colors, designs, and finishes are all available in blue quartz. It mimics the appearance of other natural stones, like granite and marble, and is, therefore, more consistent thanks to its engineering.

  • What is blue quartz called? 

Blue quartz is also known as Dumortierite quartz. Dumortierite inclusions in quartz frequently appear as silky splotches with a blue tint. Sometimes there are also hints of purple or gray. It occasionally has distinct areas of light and dark color.

  • How rare is blue quartz?

One of the rarer and more unusual blue quartz gemstone varieties is dumortierite. Although many colors can be found in quartz, blue-colored quartz is surprisingly quite rare. Its distinctive color, which can range from light to dark blue and, in some cases, reddish-brown, is brought on by the presence of dumortierite.

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