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White Quartz Slabs

Using suitable materials in your design projects is extremely important. With their timeless and elegant looks and exceptional durability, white quartz slabs are one of the best options in the market today.

They’ve gained popularity in recent years for their amazing features and applications. Engineered to perfection, white quartz applications can elevate your design projects to a whole new level.

White quartz slabs consist of crushed quartz crystals bound together with resins and polymers. People generally mistake quartzite and quartz slabs. The main difference is that quartzite is a natural stone, while quartz is a manufactured stone, offering many incredible advantages.

Reasons that Make White Quartz Slabs an Excellent Choice

Beauty: White quartz slabs are known for their elegant and pure looks. White has been quite popular in kitchens and bathrooms for quite some time now. The innate beauty of white quartz slabs will increase the beauty levels of any room they are used in. Their high reflective surfaces will make your rooms feel bigger and more spacious.

Versatility: Yet another amazing feature of white quartz slabs is their incredible versatility in design applications. They can be easily incorporated into various design styles with minimal effort. White quartz applications’ bright and light surfaces are an ideal foundation for using other colors in your color palette.

Whether used as a contrasting element or making different colors pop out, white quartz applications are an excellent option for both residential and commercial settings.

Durability: Apart from their aesthetic appeal, white quartz slabs are also known for their exceptional durability. Quartz crystals are naturally occurring materials with extreme durability. The manufacturing process makes this engineered stone to be more durable and non-porous. Your white quartz applications will be extremely resilient to scratches, chipping, and stains.

Low-Maintenance: The non-porous surface of white quartz applications makes them require quite low maintenance. With natural stones, you’ll have to seal and reseal regularly. However, with quartz applications, you don’t have to worry about sealing or resealing your surfaces. The non-porous surface will repel liquids, leaving no room for permanent stains or bacterial growth. 

Investment: White quartz applications should be considered permanent investments into your home, which raises the resale value. Their popularity, aesthetic appeal, and durability will please potential buyers. Since white quartz is highly durable, it will last a long time with minimal care.

White Quartz Slabs: Areas of Use

Since white quartz slabs are manufactured, they can be shaped into various design elements. With their outstanding features, they can be used in almost every area. Here are some examples;

  • Countertops: White quartz countertops are quite popular thanks to their non-porous surface. Other countertop materials require more care and maintenance, while little care is required for white quartz countertops. Their beauty and durability will be useful in your kitchen and bathroom areas.
  • Backsplashes: White quartz backsplashes can be considered blank canvases. They will instantly help you pop other colors out, creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in your kitchen. 
  • Flooring: The durability of white quartz tiles makes them a fantastic option. They can efficiently be utilized in high-traffic areas. Their beautiful looks will also help you create more open and airy spaces.
  • Furniture: Nowadays, it’s easy to see white quartz being used in furniture. People often use them as furniture pieces on coffee tables or consoles. Their striking looks, resistance to stains, and durability make them ideal for various furniture applications.

As Paragon Exotic Stones, we aim to provide the best for our customers. We are a leading stone supplier on the East Coast, with 20 years of experience. We offer only the finest quality materials and a team of experts to help you build your dream projects.


What is white quartz good for?

White quartz slabs can be shaped into virtually any design element. Their beautiful looks and extreme durability make them suitable for every area in your home. 

Is white quartz a natural stone?

White quartz slabs are made with white or colorless white quartz crystals. This means white quartz slabs are manufactured stones.

What kind of quartz is white?

Quartz crystals come in a wide range of colors, with white being one of them. White quartz is one of the most popular types of quartz. They can be used in many areas, such as quartz slabs, jewelry, or other decorative items.

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