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Concrete Quartz

Product Details:
Background Color: Gray-White
Vein Color: Gray-White
Size: 126x63
Thickness: 3cm
Finish: Polish
Country: n/a

Concrete quartz is the perfect choice for those searching for an unconventional and unique yet still beautiful and complementary look. With this quartz that looks like concrete, your home will surely be unforgettable. As quartz is a highly flexible stone, Concrete quartz is available in multiple shades to fit into whichever design aesthetic you please. Concrete gray quartz countertops might be precisely what you were looking for to bring a modern edge to your kitchen. At the same time, quartz cement countertops are the right choice for those looking to achieve a cool and chic aesthetic. Concrete look quartz is perfect for achieving a cozy shower or a regal vanity top. With these quartz countertops that look like concrete, nothing is impossible. It will complement your personal design aesthetic with eye-catching and striking yet serene hues of blacks, grays, and whites. It can be used for whichever purpose you choose, as islands, fireplaces, staircases, backsplashes, and so much more.

Concrete quartz combines beauty with long-lasting durability. Its non-porous surface means any liquid or dirt would not be able to sink into the stone; therefore, it is incredibly resistant to mold, stains, and bacterial growth. On top of that, these cement quartz countertops will cut your cleaning time in half, thanks to how easy it is to clean. All you need is soap and water, no need for specialty cleaning products.

If you wish to express your design style, let your creativity run wild, and achieve an aesthetic unreplicable by anyone else, then concrete-look quartz countertops are the answer to all of your questions. To learn more about this marvelous stone, visit our website and learn more information about our services and products.


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