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Sparkling White Quartz

Product Details:
Background Color: White
Vein Color: Gray
Size: 136x77
Thickness: 3cm
Finish: Polish
Country: n/a

Sparkling White Quartz, one of the best alternatives to natural stones, has white and icy speckles on a white landscape which evokes this stunning white surface featuring diamond-like sparkles. It adds a naturally beautiful, durable, and hygienic appearance to your designed space.

Sparkling white quartz countertops are quite favorable because they are durable, low-maintenance, stain-resistant, and scratch resistant. It does not require sealing and other routines for maintenance, thanks to its non-porous surface. You could also choose sparkling white quartz slabs for floors, backsplashes, and accent walls in both homes and commercial properties. In homes, kitchens are the best areas to prefer many sparkling white countertops such as white glitter countertops, sparkling white quartz countertops with mirror flecks, and white glitter quartz countertops.

Thanks to its quartz chunks giving off a slight blue and green hue, it is also an excellent choice for bathrooms. In addition, the wintery white landscape of sparkling white quartz will add an allure and fresh look to your bathrooms. Thus, the sparkling white quartz bathroom and sparkling white quartz kitchen are the most preferred design ideas for many architects due to their ultra-smooth and lustrous look.

Especially for busy kitchens and bathrooms, sparkling white quartz is the perfect choice because it will shine brightly with any kind of lighting and furniture. If you wish to learn more about sparkling white quartz in the kitchen, sparkling white quartz kitchen countertops, or sparkling white quartz prices, as well as other products and services, please feel free to reach out to Paragon. Last but not least, we provide the highest quality material at the best price.

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