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Steel Gray Granite

Product Details:
Background Color: Gray
Vein Color: Gray-Black
Size: 130x75
Thickness: 3cm
Finish: Dual - Polish/Leather
Country: India

Natural stones are widely used in today’s architectural landscape, and steel gray granite is a prime example. This granite not only adds a stunning look but also significantly improves the functionality and durability of the surfaces. This beautiful granite is quarried in India. After being extracted, these rough blocks are transported into granite processing facilities. Then they are treated at various levels before being applied. Granite slabs are cut and polished at the next level of the process. Steel gray granite can be used in any stone product, whether a countertop, tile, or flooring. It features shades of grey, black, and brown. The natural low variation of patterning on steel gray granite makes it look wavy. Steel gray granite delivers a premium touch to the overall setting and is definitely an excellent choice for décor. It’s perfect for residential and commercial construction projects with superior weather-resistant qualities. Polished and leathered are the most common finishes. It is also possible to find dual-finished ones where one side is polished, and the other side of the stone is leathered. The most important feature of steel gray granite is that it is easier to clean than most other types of granite.

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