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White Granite Slabs

We’ve all heard that having a well-designed kitchen increases the value of a home, and no kitchen is complete without countertops. Natural stones have long been the material of choice for kitchen countertops.

Granite is formed through the cooling of magma, making it extremely durable. It is heat resistant and will not melt when heated to 300°. Although granite is chemically resistant, the sealing agent may not be. As a result, you should avoid using highly acidic cleaning products. 

What Does White Granite Slabs Offer?

Aside from their durability and ease of maintenance, Granite slabs have many advantages you should be aware of before designing your kitchen. Although there are numerous benefits to using granite slabs, we have compiled a list of the top three for your convenience:

Durability and low maintenance: Granite, as previously stated, is long-lasting and low maintenance, allowing you to use the surface for longer periods while spending less time cleaning it. It is heat, scratch, and stain resistant. Granite slabs are a durable material because of this feature.

Aesthetic: In addition to its strength, granite has a distinct natural beauty that lends a sophisticated appearance to your kitchen. Granite has many distinct patterns and veins that brighten the environment in which it is used.

Resale value: Granite slabs boost a home’s resale value because of their distinctive aesthetics, toughness, and longevity.

The Most Famous Granite Colors

Granite contains the minerals quartz and feldspar. These minerals are responsible for each slab’s distinct color and pattern. Each granite slab, like all natural stones, is unique.

Granite comes in a variety of colors, such as white, grey, pink, red, green, blue, and black. The rock’s mineral composition influences granite color variations, the rate at which the magma cools and solidifies, and the presence of other minerals or impurities. Feldspar predominates among these minerals, with quartz accounting for more than 10% of the total.

White countertops for your kitchen may be the ideal addition to your design if the color complements your color scheme.

White Galaxy Granite is a popular white granite color. White Galaxy, like many granite models, reflects several different colors with an infinite number of color tones, veins, and unique patterns. White Galaxy granite countertops, on the other hand, are named after their gleaming white background with black or brown veins.

Although they can quickly adapt to your decor preferences, a White Galaxy granite countertop would look great with white cabinets. A white kitchen never goes out of style.

Bring Elegance to Your Design with White Granite

White is commonly associated with purity, innocence, and completion in the Western world. It is an important part of our daily lives and has permeated our culture. Brides typically wear white to their weddings. To see patients, doctors dress in white. 

White provides a sense of peace, calm, hope, and comfort. It brings about a sense of order and efficiency. It’s spotless. Too much white, on the other hand, can be perceived as cold and sterile. 

A white kitchen is a classic yet contemporary starting point for expressing your design style. Paint, hardware, and accents are common white kitchen ideas to make it feel like your own creation. There are numerous ways to use white in kitchen design, ranging from modern to traditional and everything in between.

Choosing a white granite countertop can help you greatly with design. White granite countertops reflect light. They enlarge and brighten your kitchen. Smaller kitchens benefit greatly by appearing to have more space than they actually do. 

White is a timeless color for kitchen countertops. White granite countertops and granite counters are timeless. Also, white granite countertops are simple to incorporate into a design. They allow you to draw attention to other aspects of the kitchen.

Realize Your Dream Project with Paragon Exotic Stones

As Paragon Exotic Stones, we offer a diverse selection of granite slabs for your design project, ranging from lighter colors like Snowfall Granite to darker shades like Titanium Gold Granite. Our website contains additional color options for our granite slabs. 

Most Searched Questions about White Granite

  • Is there white granite?

Granite that contains feldspar and quartz predominately is typically white or grey. Small amounts of additional minerals can cause the rock to appear speckled, with darker or lighter spots. Many shades of white are available, ranging from super white granite to granite with darker veins and shades. Alaskan White, for example, has white as the primary color but varying shades of grey and black in the stone, creating a darker effect.

  • Is white granite expensive?

White granite typically costs more than granite in darker colors because it is more uncommon. However, white granite is less costly than other granite colors, like blue granite which is the rarest granite color. 

  • What is white granite called?

Granite is frequently named after the location of origin or the design style. This is true for any color of granite, including white granite.

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