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Bahia Blue Granite

Product Details:
Background Color: Blue
Vein Color: Black-White
Size: 124x68inch
Thickness: 3cm
Finish: Polish
Country: Brazil

As a blue stone with white and gold hues, Bahia Blue granite is a perfect material for bathroom, and kitchen countertops, backsplashes, bar tops, and fireplace surrounds.

Along with its unique beauty, Bahia Blue granite also offers durability that allows it to withstand wear and tear for many years. This rare and high-end material ensures elegance and functionality, making it a top-choice material for interior design.

If you are planning to use it as a countertop material, consider matching your Bahia Blue granite countertops with white cabinets to create perfect harmony in your kitchen by bringing blue and white together. But, no matter where and how you use your Bahia Blue granite slabs, you will definitely love to have this mesmerizing blue stone in your home design. Reach us out to learn more about Paragon’s offers regarding Bahia Blue granite.

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