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Opus White

Product Details:
Background Color: Beige
Vein Color: Brown
Size: n/a
Thickness: 3cm
Finish: Polish
Country: n/a

Quartzite is a popular countertop material, and Opus White quartzite countertops are the perfect choice for any kitchen. The light coloring of Opus White quartzite works well with contemporary and minimalistic styles. Because of its simple linear patterns, it carries a unique look to each room and is ideal for combining other colors in your overall color palette. Thanks to its resistance to scratches and heat, this beautiful natural stone is suitable for kitchen countertops. Opus quartzite will bring simplicity and elegance from the quarries of Brazil into your home. It will instantly add value to your home and catch the eye of every visitor. Opus White quartzite is durable and will last many years without chipping or staining.

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